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Simplicity Websites Affiliate Scheme

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the Simplicity Websites affiliate scheme. By signing up as an affiliate you agree to be subject to these terms and conditions.

"Simplicity Websites", "We", "Our" and "Us" refer to the company issuing these terms and conditions. "You", "Your" and "The affiliate" refer to the end user accepting this agreement.

1. Enrolment and Duration of Affiliation

To enrol, you must submit the affiliate application form on the Simplicity Websites website. We reserve the right to reject your application at our sole discretion and on any grounds. You must be resident in the United Kingdom to become an affiliate.

Your affiliation duration begins when you have been accepted as an affiliate and continues until either party terminates the affiliation. Commission fees are only applicable during the duration of the affiliation.

We reserve the right to terminate the affiliation and withhold commission payments if, in our opinion, the affiliate is in violation of these terms and conditions.

2. Linking to Our Site

You will market Simplicity Websites' Services through your own website. You may link to our site using the graphics provided on our Linking Resources page or by using appropriately worded text links. You may not modify or resize any of the graphics provided. All links must be directed at the URL which includes the your unique affiliate code. You will be solely responsible for ensuring that the correct link format is used.

We do not allow the use of spam emails, spyware, adware or similar techniques to gain referrals.

3. Commission and Payments

You will be paid commission for each new paid-up subscriber to Simplicity Websites referred from your site, via the affiliate linking code. You will NOT receive commission for users who are trial users only.

Affiliates will be paid by cheque every three months (each calendar quarter), within 30 days of the end of each period. The cheque will be made payable to the affiliate and sent by post using the details provided in the affiliates control panel.

It is your responsibility to ensure that details such as your email address and postal address are up-to-date. All affiliates must provide Simplicity Websites with valid invoices for commission payments.

4. Username and Password

You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your username and password and for preventing unauthorised access to your affiliate account via your own computer.

5. Disallowed Content

An affiliate's website may not include sexually explicit material, violence, illegal activity, violation of copyright or any other content that may adversely affect the reputation of Simplicity Websites.

6. Disclaimer

We do not guarantee that our website or services will be uninterrupted or error free, and we will not be liable for interruptions or errors in our website or services. We shall not be responsible for any failure of the service that is beyond our control.

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